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Since 2008, the company sales has been growing rapidly year by year. Annual sales are $10 million now.

From the standardized production line production, to the personalized customization production line currently.

According to the customer demand adjustment in details, change the situation that customer to adapt to the equipment to the device to meet the needs of customers.

In view of the different countries, designed different production line. Increase the flexible of our beverage package machine. For example, for some developing countries, a feasible production line plan with low cost has been issued to provide clean bottled water production line, and improve the health of local drinking water.

In view of the tropical island climate, provide plant integration on integrated solution of container. Facilitate the integration into the local cultural environment.

Reliable Machinery devote to beverage package industrial. Big enough to handle projects of any scale, but small enough for our clients to benefit from the close support of our most experienced people.


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