Full Auto 4000BPH PET Bottle Blowing Making Machine Full Auto 4000BPH PET Bottle Blowing Making Machine

RM-4000 type Automatic PET Bottle Blowing / Making Machine is suitable for blowing PET bottles of various shapes, volume from 100 ml to 2000 ml, wide application for blowing pure water bottles, soda bottles, cola bottles..

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Full auto blow moulding machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes. The blow moulding machine is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc.

Working process: 

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  1. High safety. high speed with high efficiency.

  2. Manual saving, one man is enough for operation the machine.

  3. Stable performing with easy maintaining.

  4. Imported PLC controlling and man-machine interface computer

  5. Japan Omron inspection sensor

  6. Adopt the new type double bend arm and the four rod-clamping structure(won the patent): Cross direction; Middle mould board is move parallel; the distance between two mold board is adjusted by the chain wheel. Thus, the clamping force is very strong.

  7. Power saving design that can increase your profits

  8. Segregate type air controlling system, which is designed for avoiding waste pollution

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Technical Parameters:




According to bottle type


Product   specification

Bottle diameter


Bottle height


Bottle mouth diameter





Mold thickness


Mold effective area


Main power


380v 3Phase /220v 3Phase    50/60HZ

Install power/actual power


Air source

Low pressure air compressor

1.6m3/min 10KG

High pressure air compressor

2.4m3/min 30KG

Cold dry machine

2.0m3/min 3.0MPa 1set

cooling water

Cooling water quantity


Main machine size

Length width height/weight


Feed embryo machine   size

Length width height/weight



Inside Details 

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Auxiliary Equipment

Flow chart of blowing machine is : 

High Pressure Air Compressor -- Air Tank -- Air Fiter -- Air Dryer -- Low Pressure Air Compressor -- Air Fiter -- Full Automatic Blow Moulding Machine -- Mould -- Water Chiller

All these equipments are available to take.


Control System

The brand of the switch is Autonics, and all other electrical brands are Siemens and Schneider.

The electric box is inside the filling machine, saving the factory space.

An external air box is additionally provided, which is convenient for observing the air volume outside and more neat.

Spare Part List:




How to get my exact offer?

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How can I check the quality of your machine?

A. You are always welcome to visit our factory, we will show you machine working and detailed parts & raw materials. We will pick you up at stations/airports.

B. We have reference projects in most countries, after getting permission of the customer, you can go to visit them.


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