Linear Type 8000BPH Round Bottle BOPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine Linear Type 8000BPH Round Bottle BOPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

The Linear hot melting glue labeling machine is produced by Reliable Machinery which has over 15 years' experience in bottle packing line. It is suitable for PET water bottles, beverage bottles, cosmetic bottle, daily chemical bottle, seasoning bottle, oil bottle, detergent bottle etc. Capacity of the labeling machine can be maximum 8000BPH. This equipment is simple and convenient to operate.

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Quick Information

√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery----- Automatic labeling Machine

√√ Application:round;square; flat; special shaped bottles

√√ Capacity:8000BPH

√√ Warranty:2 Years

√√ PLC control from SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER switches, high efficiency

√√ Linear type labeling system, multi-dimension application

√√ Flexible speed adjust from low to high and accurate position ensure

√√ Centralized hot melt adhesive for glue back. No glue residue

√√ Electrical and raw material saving , low glue consumption

√√ Compare to shrink sleeve label, OPP/BOPP machine save 50% on label cost and power consumption


1. The linear opp labeling machine system adopts Siemens microcomputer control, the touch screen directly clicks the menu operation mode, and the parameter adjustment is convenient and intuitive.

2. The linear structure is compact and easy to install and maintain.

3. The high pressure double crank controls the opening and closing of the mold.

4. The turntable feeds the bottle into the bottle holder, the press head presses down on the bottle to position it

5. The five-star handle can be adjusted back and forth, which is convenient and fast

6. The host is controlled by a three-phase variable frequency motor with stepless speed regulation

7. The electric eye used to measure the object is not disturbed by external light or ultrasonic signal, and the detection is accurate to ensure the accuracy of the label.

8. Reliable machines have systematic safety devices to ensure safety and machine durability. If any failure occurs, the operation will stop automatically.


Technical Parameters:

Installation Power

Three-phase 380V  50 Hz 3000W or customized

Overall length of equipment


Equipment width


Conveying line speed

20 m/min (conveying line speed can be adjusted according to the   actual production situation)

Speed adjustment method

segmented speed regulation

Maximum speed of labeling

60 m/min

Maximum labeling speed

100 pcs/min

Labeling accuracy

±1mm   (requires customer bottle size error within ±0.3mm)

Product Size

Customer Provided Maximum Label Width: 140mm

Label maximum length

400 mm

Label maximum diameter

600 mm

Diameter of paper core

152 mm

Labeling glue

hot melt glue, only glue on both ends of the label

Label Type

BOPP Pearlescent Film Composite Film Label

Overall weight

about 1000 Kg


Machine Detailed Parts 

Process:  Infeed bottle →  pre-position →label cutting → gluing → labeling→label by press out → finish


  • Bottle Exchange Part


  • Bottle Feeder


  • Label Fitter


  • Label Placement Area


  • Rotating Wheel


  • PLC & Touch Screen

Configuration List

(Reliable Machinery's all parts are from world famous brands)

A: Main MachineB: Mechanical Part
  • Japanese Pansonic Servo System

  • Japan Pansonic drive system

  • German Schneider 7-inch color screen man-machine interface

  • Japan Pansonic high-speed and high-resolution color label sensor

  • Japan Pansonic high-speed and high-resolution gluing and leak detection sensor

  • Japanese Pansonic product detection photoelectric switch

  • Japanese Pansonic pressure sensor

  • Conveyor Mechanism: 750W Italian TRANSTECNO AC motor (with TRANSTECNO reducer)

  • Conveyor Belt: industrial chain conveyor line

  • Main Motor: 1500W Italian TRANSTECNO AC motor (with TRANSTECNO reducer)

  • Feeding Mechanism: high-speed servo OPP label film feeding system (driven by high-speed servo motor)

  • Glue Supply System: Special hot melt glue supply system (German Siemens control system)

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How to get my exact offer?

A. If you have clear demand, please inform us, we will make detailed good quote for you soon.

B. If you are new in this filed and don't have clear objectives, you can share us your ideas, investment budget or workshop size, we can make proposal recommendation for you.


How can I check the quality of your machine?

A. You are always welcome to visit our factory, we will show you machine working and detailed parts & raw materials. We will pick you up at stations/airports.

B. We have reference projects in most countries, after getting permission of the customer, you can go to visit them.


Do you have agents or office out of China?

Now we have agent in Ghana, UAE, Uganda, Ethiopia... Welcome to join us!



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