Automatic PE Film Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine Automatic PE Film Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine

The main function of shrink wrapping machine is wrapping the bottles or cans by the shrink film first, then heating it, in this way, the product will be packed tightly by the film.

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1. Bottle entering→ Auto unscrambling bottle→ Pushing bottle→ Heat sealing-Cool cutting →Pressing PE→ Shrink→ Cooling. 

2. This machine applies air-stirring mechanism in pushing bottle and hot sealing-cool cutting.(it uses flat silk pulse seal, the saw tooth knife cuts, the unique heat seal-cool cut mechanism, has guaranteed the packing agglutination, reliable, and artistic.

3. Automatic unscrambling bottle’s appliance makes bottle changing more quickly and conveniently.

4. Delivering film mechanism and the tensity voluntarily adjusts.

5. PLC programmable procedure control system.

6. It applies wing shape stainless steel heating system, which is durable for long time use.

7. The heatproof Bolivian filament special fluorine dragon transportation net belt is used in shrink part to ensure the steady of transportation and high strengthen wear proof.

8. This machine applies invert speed control net belt conveying mechanism.    


1. PLC programmable procedure control system, with colorful touch-screen control panel

2.Bottle entering, Auto unscrambling bottle, Pushing bottle, Heat sealingSaw cutting, Pressing PE, Shrink, Cooling automatically

3.capacity is adjustable through adjust the convey speed

4.Can handle 6, 9,12,15, 18, 20, 24 bottle per package

5.Double air blowers, guarantees the temperature balance in the shrink stove with PAD temperature controller that apparently saves energy.

6.The height of the conveyer shall be made towards client's demand.

7. Heavy duty coated iron machine construction.

Technical Parameters:



The Thickness of Shrink Film


The Film’s Max Width 


Shrinkable Bake Temperature

Can be arbitrary adjustable within room   temperature~200

The Max Packing Speed


Power Supply

380V/220V 50Hz three-phase five-line



Working Air Pressure


Air Consumption


Packaging Type

Two sides open, two sides seal

Shrink Film

PE, POF, PV etc.

Suitable Bottle-type

Glass bottle, pop can, PET bottle and   other material which 200 temperature-resistant

Suitable Bottle Neck

Φ60-110, height can be design as your   demand


About 1500kg


Inside Details 


序列 4

Warning Mark

  • The red emergency stop button is more secure.

  • Marked it: before starting gear position please join the corresponding label gear oil.

  • Marked danger, to warn the danger behavior.



How to get my exact offer?

A. If you have clear demand, please inform us, we will make detailed good quote for you soon.

B. If you are new in this filed and don't have clear objectives, you can share us your ideas, investment budget or workshop size, we can make proposal recommendation for you.


How can I check the quality of your machine?

A. You are always welcome to visit our factory, we will show you machine working and detailed parts & raw materials. We will pick you up at stations/airports.

B. We have reference projects in most countries, after getting permission of the customer, you can go to visit them.


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Now we have agent in Ghana, UAE, Uganda, Ethiopia... Welcome to join us!



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