Rotary Type High Speed Hot Melt Glue OPP Labeling Machine Rotary Type High Speed Hot Melt Glue OPP Labeling Machine

The Labeling machine can fit for different round shape products with hot melt labels.

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Process:  Infeed bottle →  pre-position →label cutting → gluing → labeling→label by press out → finish

  • The speed of the feed roller is adjusted to the required label length for continuous web tension. A standard threading unit ensures optimal film feed.

  • In the cutting unit, the labels are precisely cut while a PLC command and servo-motor provide an exact cut-off point.

  • Two narrow strips of hot melt glue the labels together, which are applied by a heated glue roller to the leading and trailing label edges. 

  • The label with the glue strip on its leading edge is transferred to the container. This glue strip ensures an exact label positioning and a positive bond.

  • As the container is rotated during label transfer, labels are applied tightly. Gluing of the trailing edge ensures proper bonding.

The Detailes

  • Rotary Labeling: More stable and accurate

  • Import Label Sensor: German Famous Label sensor, higher precision

  • Star Wheel: Flexible bottle space, higher labeling efficiency

  • Glue System and Vacuum Drum: Advanced glue system and vacuum drum combination, more saved cost 

  • Screw and Star Wheel Corporate in and out bottles: High speed operation, more smooth and stability


Technical Parameters:




Labeling Head

8 station

12 station

16 station



8000-9000 BPH


Glue Temperature


Bottle Height


Max. Label Diameter


Conveying Line Speed


Conveyor Belt Height


Accuracy Of Labeling   







Inside Details 

序列 1
序列 2
序列 3
序列 4

Warning Mark

  • The red emergency stop button is more secure.

  • Marked it: before starting gear position please join the corresponding label gear oil.

  • Marked danger, to warn the danger behavior.



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A. You are always welcome to visit our factory, we will show you machine working and detailed parts & raw materials. We will pick you up at stations/airports.

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