Rotary Type Water Can Filling Sealing Machine Rotary Type Water Can Filling Sealing Machine

The machine is a device developed exclusively by Reliable machinery on the basis of digesting and absorbing domestic and international (still) pop can filling and seaming machine (sealing machines). It adopts the normal pressure filling principle. After it passes through the dialing wheel, the empty can will enter into the lift can supporting disc, and the filling valve is aligned with the empty can, which will rise for sealing. Meanwhile, the valve port of the filling valve is automatically opened. When the filling can will be conveyed to the sealing machine head by the hook chain. The cap will be sent onto the can mouth by the cap rises, the pressing head presses he can mouth, the sealing wheel carries out pre-sealing and then real sealing. After it is sealed, the can is pushed out by the beating head of the cap beating mechanism and then enters into the can discharging procedure.

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Process of can filling machine

  • This machine uses atmospheric pressure filling principle, its tank after thumb wheel to lift pot tray, filling valve and empty cans, rising and sealed cans, automatically open the valve of the filling valve mouth at the same time, when the filling liquid surface plug the muffler mouth to stop the filling valve. 

  • Pouring good pot by hook chain to sealing machine head, the lid by sending GaiQi and pressure head to jar lid, when the tank mechanism rises, pressure head pressure jar, seal round seal and then first real seal, sealed jar after being beaten agency's heading, and then transmitted into the tank.

Detailed Parameters:



The number of sealing head


The number of filling head


Production capacity


Can Diameter


Can Height








main technical parameters

1, the number of filling head: 18

2, filling conditions: filling temperature 0-6 degrees low temperature filling;

3, filling form: isobaric

4, applicable bottle type: cans

5, production capacity: 8000 cans / hour;

6, power consumption: 7.5kw,

7, the main size: external dimensions 2600mm * 2200mm * 2100

8, weight (net weight): about 4000kg

9, filling accuracy: liquid level + 5 mm





Washer Part

1. This part is composed of lifting device, main transmission device, fixed frame, clamp device, distributor, open clamp cams and over turn cams etc.

2. Lifting device is used to adjust the height of the rotary tables and clamps of machine to adapt to the bottle height. 

3. Its power comes from the lifting lever. Lever rotates drive screw rotation to realize the rotary tables lift.


Filler Part

1. The auto control liquid level equipment fixed in the filler machine keeps the stable of the liquid level. 

2. High-speed filling valve is adopted, and the liquid level is accurate without liquid loss, ensuring the filling process requirements;

3. All parts in contact with materials are made of high-quality stainless steel, with no technological dead Angle and easy cleaning;


Capper Part

1. Adopt efficient capping system, with perfect automatic control and protection device.

2. The sealing head adopts magnetic constant torque device to ensure the sealing quality without damaging the bottle cap;

3. The row-rolling completes the capping by the rotary type equipment: a can-a cap, no cans-no caps. 

Flat conveyor (Let cans tin in and out)

  • Designed by module, component cans be interchanged easily, have flexibility to combine the cans tin type according to the different capacity.

  • Both sides of the fence can be adjusted to make sure the cans tin does not fall during delivery.

  • Customized layout according to customer's factory.

Control System

  • The brand of the switch is Autonics, and all other electrical brands are Siemens and Schneider.

  • The electric box is inside the filling machine, saving the factory space.

  • An external air box is additionally provided, which is convenient for observing the air volume outside and more neat.

Prefect Frame

  • The body and all pipes are made of stainless steel 304.

  • The parts of door and frame are all made of stainless steel 304 combined with nano glass to reduce the chance of glass damage during transportation.

  • The door frame is designed with large and wide handle.

Warning Mark

  • The red emergency stop button is more secure.

  • Marked it: before starting gear position please join the corresponding label gear oil.

  • Marked danger, to warn the danger behavior.



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